Swimming Workout #1

Dear Swimmers,

Swimming for exercise will definitely keep you lean and in shape. The summer is a great time to join a recreation center. I live in Long Beach NY and I swim with the Aquafit Masters, in Eisenhower Park in Long Island NY, under the adult swim lessons – yes, only adults welcome!! It takes about 25 minutes to get there, so it’s not that bad. Once you get in the pool you swim your worries away. I’ve been swimming without my swim mp3 player for a long time because I need a replacement and I must say I miss it soooooo much because it is such a great thing to swim with. My coach gets mad I think because she doesn’t think I can hear her but I can!! I have to wear earplugs anyway when I don’t use the swim mp3 player and I can barely hear with those – so same thing coach!!

We’ve been swimming the long course now-a-days and it’s a completely different than short course. It is a different mentality. The swimming is long and tedious and I think it’s more for the people who are practicing for triathlons and open water swimming… tis the season! I just do the swimming aspect of it – no running for me!! Spinning on the other hand is fun, but not really for me either. The long course switches things up a bit – you can’t swim one thing all the time, otherwise it gets boring!

I did an hour the other day. Here’s what we did on the long course:

(This workout is for a moderate / intermediate swimmer)


8×50 on 1:15
1×400 pace yourself

6X50 on 1:15
3×200 pace yourself

Great workout overall